What is Attendo Plus?

Attendo Plus is an event and attendance management app that helps organisations save time,  manage your event logistics and track attendance more effectively.  

Why use Attendo Plus?

Attendo Plus makes it SIMPLE, EASY, QUICK and EFFECTIVE to organise and run your events, as well as, gather crucial data from attendees. With Attendo Plus, your organisation will attract and engage with attendees more effectively whilst delivering an enhanced event experience.

How does Attendo Plus make your organisation more efficient?

Most events need several steps to be successful and to achieve optimal results. From the creation of the event, to the promotion, attendees registering, signing in, tracking their attendance, gathering and analysing data, creating certificates of attendance, doing follow up and more.

These steps require extra resources, which is always in short supply. With Attendo Plus, these steps are simplified and streamlined.  Attendo Plus helps you get rid of poor and hard to read handwritten sheets of paper with attendee names, it removes the use of several software solutions to combine data and produce event certificates or having to employ staff to sign in attendees at the event’s door.

Attendo Plus has also an inbuilt scanner solution that attendees can use themselves to quickly and easily sign in when they arrive at the event’s venue using their own phones. This data is sent straight away to your Attendo Plus account so that certificates of attendance can be conveniently created and delivered at any time during or after the event.

Attendo Plus takes care of all these steps and more!.

What hardware is required?

None – just a mobile phone (and we are pretty sure that most people have at least one). People might leave their wallet behind but not their phone. As an event organiser, once you sign up in Attendo Plus, you can easily and quickly create your event preferences and settings directly from your mobile phone.

How else does Attendo Plus help me and my organisation?

  1. Only about 25% of emails are ever opened to be read and

  2. Save time organising events, save money printing certificates or sheets of attendance, save resources looking for and hiring staff to do the work that can be done by the app.

  3. Attendo Plus will help you reach and engage with your audience more effectively.

I have a website. Do I still need the app?

Attendo Plus is the best complement to your website to reach a wider audience and to make your event experience more enjoyable and productive.

From the app, you can also drive people back to your website, which is why we have included a field for your website URL in each event screen.

Can I manage my events from my computer?

Attendo Plus provides a dashboard for organisations only that allows you and your team to create events from the comfort of your laptop. All the data that you input in your Attendo Plus account is instantly replicated in the mobile app. The dashboard makes it a breeze to upload event details, logos, images and more.

What is the price to use Attendo Plus?

The basic version of Attendo Plus is free. As your needs grow, your organisation can upgrade to include some paid features that take the event management and attendance tracking experience to the next level.   Key features of Attendo Plus include adding custom feedback forms, custom log books and having access to more specific data about your event attendees and interaction during and after the event.

So, why not give it a go? Simply download the app, create your organisation’s profile, create your first event and start promoting it to your organisation’s members. They can also use it for free! If you need assistance, we can help you here! You only need to get in touch with our team at

What could I use Attendo Plus for?

The options are endless. You can use Attendo Plus to track compliance with events such as safety meetings (why risk paper based sign in sheets going missing?), track class attendance, remote field work sign-ins, graduate open days, continuing professional development (CPD) events for professional associations, birthday invites for events or even checking what time a tradesperson showed up (send a QR-code and get them to scan in wherever you put the code).

Oh, and if you are an organisation with a conference and your exhibitors want to track who came to their stand/booth then think how simply Attendo Plus could be used to track visits and to show to exhibitors their return on investment. Better still, you could probably roll in a QR-code to your exhibitors as part of their registration package.

Can I have the app customised and branded for my organisation?

Beyond your logo and organisation name appearing within the app? Yes, we can customise Attendo Plus to show your branding, logo and more. Simply get in touch with us on to discuss the needs of your organisation.



Can I get a customised certificate created for my organisation?

Yes, get in touch with us. We can add signatures and titles (your logo is automatically added and is based on your profile).

Can I have more than one login associated with my organisation?

Yes. You can have multiple organisers which are useful for you if you are spread across many locations and/or to allow you to have backup.

Can I manually enter in a guest at the event venue?

Yes - for those forgetful guests simply login into your mobile phone with your organiser credentials and add in anyone who doesn’t have a phone or are a late registrant. You can also the web portal to do this.

Can I add in a guest after the event?

Yes. Login to the web portal and provided the guest has a profile, you will be able to add them in.

Can we send out certificates manually?

Yes. Using the web portal, sign-in to your account to send out a certificate to someone who may not have received one (send directly or attach PDF to your email).

How many feedback questions can I create?

As many as you want – within reason, as you do want your guests to be able to fill this in. The feedback part of the app uses a 5-star rating system and is used to determine guest views on the speaker, venue etc. The feedback input is then sent to you directly as soon as the guests enter it in.

What is the Logbook feature?

This is an optional feature (and separate to Feedback) should you wish to create custom questions about the event topic you have organised in free text form.

What format do I get reports in?

You get all reports in CSV (Excel) or PDF format. You can send yourself a report as many times as you want, even as the event is ongoing.

How do I acknowledge exhibitors?

If you want to acknowledge exhibitors at your event you can create a profile for them with their logos etc. and, if they have sponsored a particular event, you can ensure their organisation profile appears within the event description and also on the certificate.

How do I allow exhibitors to track visitors to their event?

If you have created an exhibitor profile for your sponsors, then you can create a special QR code for your sponsors (exhibitors) who can place these QR codes at their booth. If guests from your organisation scan in, then you get a record of who visited the booth.

When creating an event, can I add the logbook and feedback section later?

Yes, that can be done at anytime.

Can I customise the certificates which are sent out to attendees?

Yes, the Attendo Plus team is able to create certificates which may display your company logo, etc. Contact the Attendo Plus team for more help.

Do you have a QR code for downloading the app?

No, however there is a link to download the App on the home page of Attendo Plus


How do I receive updates from more than one organisation?

Attendo Plus allows you to follow up to five organisations. There is one primary organisation and four secondary organisations. You can change/add these in the profile section.

When do certificates get sent to Guests?

Usually these are sent within 24-hours from the specified event end time, and sent to the email specified in your profile. If you haven’t received your certificate, get in touch with your event organiser who can resend this to you. Check this quick guide to get your attendance certificates.

What if I want to add in events that were run outside of Attendo Plus?

If you want to record an event from outside of Attendo Plus to your profile, you can attach a copy of the certificate or fill in details of the event.

If I say “I am going,” does that mean I am registered?

Not in the first instance, but it alerts the organiser that you are interested and they will get in touch with you for payment, details etc.

Do you have a question about Attendo Plus?

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